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True Neighborhood Vibes

The Village Green is the center of life here—the place where our community comes together. It’s also where you’ll find The Market, our neighborhood grocery store, a coffee shop, a wine shop, professional offices, a post office, and several tasty restaurants.

A Landscape of Possibilities

Love the outdoors? You’ll love it here. And if you’re a foodie or a history buff, well…you may never want to leave. Our community inspires and energizes everyone who lives here or visits—come see for yourself!

Convenient Onsite Retail

Our onsite retail establishments offer residents convenient access to banking servies, restaurants, and shopping for a variety of needs.

In Harmony with
Our Surroundings

Treetops are just as important as rooftops here at The Pinehills, and our roads follow the lay of the land instead of cut through it. The result: a truly unique place that has won over 100 local and national awards—including some of the industry’s most coveted recognitions—while attracting further study from MIT, Harvard, and municipalities across the country.

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The Hometown
of History

Plymouth, Massachusetts occupies a special place in our nation’s story—home to one of the most famous rocks in the world! Just 45 miles from Boston and 7 miles from Cape Cod, it’s become a destination for foodies, art lovers, concertgoers, and beachcombers alike.

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